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animal skins at the global level

SCIO will trace the hides from the farm to the finished leather. The project has several technological components that will be used by various stakeholders.

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All animal breeds Scio App

All animal breeds

The process applies to cattle as well as to equidae, reptiles or other animals with feathers or scales.

Internationnal Scio App


No matter the country, language or distance, SCIO breaks down all borders.

Scio App is secure


Highly secure system such as your bank account.

The stages of traceability

From the farm to the product while ensuring the quality of the raw material.

Scio App is for all stage of traceability
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How does this system work?


The application is available in various media: mobile application, web application or web service.

An online reporting service will allow the various stakeholders to have access to several types of reports and statistics.


RFID Scio App


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Laser etching Scio App


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Scio App for the Farm


A mobile application that will be used to identify animals on the farm and to monitor the protocols (vaccines or other) applied to the animals.

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Scio App for Slaughterhouse


Web application that will be used to collect information about the animal and slaughter time markers. It will also include a web service and a file transfer service for slaughterhouses that already have a data collection system.

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Scio App for Salting plant

Salting plant

Web application that will be used to make the link between the animal and the skin and to classify the skin according to scales defined according to several factors.

Scio App for Tannery


Web service that will be used to collect information from the tanneries.

Laser and camera

Safety at all times

Just like your bank account, SCIO protects the information on a cloud that only SCIO can see. Each provider transmits its data without being able to see the data of the others.

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