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Scio App pour les tanneries

Traceability of animal hides at the tannery


Scio App for tannery
Scio App connexion sécurisé


you just need to connect to our secure API.

Scio App portail sécurisé

Secured portal

Access to a secure portal (SCIO – BI) to consult the data and meta-analysis provided by the system. Also allows the transfer of ownership of the animals and the receipt of relevant information collected by other stakeholders with access to your animals (e.g. Farm, Salting Plant, Tannery).

Cost per transaction

Pay only for the transactions made and not for the amount of information in that transaction.

Information at your fingertips, alive and in real time.

Get the results of your checks immediately after synchronizing them to SCIO.

Get feedback from your clients as soon as they transfer the information to SCIO (Quality, defect, etc…).

Compare yourself to your region, province, country. By similar size, species, time of year. The possibilities are endless.

Get your work rates

Targeted work areas for improvement

Can be connected to your accounting system to manage your inventories


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